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DJ BEANZ  Biography

DJ Beanz is originally from the North Shore of Massachusetts. Back in Boston, she had immersed herself in Hip-Hop from an early age, studying greats such as Grand Master Flash, Roc Raida, Qbert, and Tony Touch to name a few. Turning down a position as a New England Patriots Cheerleader at the age of 19, Beanz jumped on the opportunity to relocate to Florida for a job promoting shows. And while the passion for hip-hop culture was what she knew, being in the Tampa area, there was a large “Techno” scene. The sound of Hip Hop mixed with heavy drums and breaks drew her into the Jungle/Drum & Bass realm. She took the opportunity during her free time with DJ peers to “mess around” on the turntables and essentially teach herself how to DJ. She would get her chance when, as she puts it, she “was thrown out there in front of a crowd where no one was dancing.” Well, they weren’t dancing, but by the time she looked up as her set was ending, everyone was on their feet moving and she knew she’d found her calling.
Fast-forward 3-4 years later Beanz moved to the DC/MD/VA area (better known now as “The DMV”) where she was given her name “DJ Beanz” spawning from her nicknames “Boston” & “Beantown”. It came as no surprise that she gravitated towards the music scene after moving here. Hanging around in some of the lounges and open mics allowed her to hone her craft and also meet some of the regional celebrities of the underground. Since then DJ Beanz has been doing shows and tours with independent and major artists nationwide. She is an active tour, radio, club, mixtape DJ/Host and Executive Program Director at (one of the top rated 24 hour Hip Hop Internet stations in the world), Swurv Radio.
DJ Beanz separates herself from other DJs by taking risks being a true record breaker “Trying to keep REAL hip-hop & it’s elements alive”, and working to become a master of the craft.
As her mixtape catalog continues to expand, Beanz has released a variety of mixtapes that have been flooding the internet and streets from the States to overseas. DJ Beanz has become one of the world’s top ranked mixtape DJs. You can also check out her mixshow and mixtape series “Reigning Real”. All of her mixtapes are available for free preview and download on her website http://www.DJBeanz.com.
DJ Beanz was nominated for 23 awards and counting since 2010.
DJ Beanz is the Official DJ for Bishop Lamont & N.O.R.E.’s “Thugged Out Militainment” artist Glacierz , she is an Official Fleet DJ (California Manager), Core DJ, & a Swurv Radio DJ. You can follow her on Twitter @HollaAtBeanZ, Facebook, Instagram @dj_beanz

Dj Shannell B Live WEAA 01-10-17
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