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Born Date
October 2, 2018
Birth Place

DJ LADY D  Biography

Lady D!, born Demetra Risper, is originally from Bridgeville, DE. As the oldest of four children and the only daughter between her parents, she has always assumed a natural position as a leader, and an advocate for others. Although she is extremely involved in the music industry she makes time to run multiple businesses, attend college, and is very active in her family life. She has five daughters (one biological and four others that were delivered on her doorstep at the same time…stepchildren. lol) Lady D! is also a participating member of the LGBTQ community. She hopes that her music will reach ALL people and change the wave the rest of the world has been riding for decades. Her intentions are to be as deliberate as possible to woo listeners and capture them with her versatility, unique style, and ability to relate to all subject matters being a female, lesbian, African American, and Hip Hop artist.

DJ Lady D! Has been in business in Delaware since 2007 and has catered to weddings, school dances, church events, clubs, pubs, and many other crowds. She prides herself in being hard working, on time. reliable,and affordable. DJ Lady D! accepts bookings for ALL events and does not discriminate based on genre, gender, color, age, or location. Lady D! has been commended for NOT talking all over the music, smooth song transitioning, and professionalism.

DJ Lady D! plays music of all genres and playlists are more than welcome. All event types are welcome. Some of the genre’s provided are top40s, hip hop children’s movie soundtracks, kids bop, old school & r&b club music, LGBT, indie artists (She has DJed for several indie artist showcases as well) and much more including Disney kid show music and music played in the classroom. Music dates from the 60s all the way up to today so no matter your bracket, you are covered!

Listen to DJ Lady D! Mixes at www.soundcloud.com/djladyd302

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