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NINA The Original Party Girl

NINA The Original Party Girl
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NINA The Original Party Girl  Biography

Nina the Original Party Girl is Baltimore’s Exclusive Celebration specializing in coordinating, designing and hosting private & club events for over 10 years. The OPG is known for her ability to create the bestest birthday ever and creating the very best event memories for all occasions with top notch VIP Treatment.
The Original Party Girl is blessed with the ability to turn any party into a Celebration!
She is currently the Brand Manager for Xtreme House Nation & Radio Personality for Xtreme House Radio on Face the Bass Radio on Tuesdays from 5-7; providing interviews, DJ highlightes & events and entertainment bringing extra exposure for the house music community.
You can always find her twice a month being the SUPA hostess for Xtreme House Nations Dayparty and providing program management And SUPA hostess services all over town.
Check out her event page on FB: Original Party Girl for current events in Baltimore, her personal page on FB: Nina Dow FB Xtreme House Nation IG:partytek1 http://www.ninatheopg.com
Google: Nina the Original party Girl

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